Sunday, February 8, 2009

Anne-Sophie Mutter Plays Mendelssohn
Composer: Felix Mendelssohn
Conductor: Kurt Masur
Performers: Lynn Harrell, André Previn, Anne-Sophie Mutter
Orchestra: Gewandhausorchester Leipzig

'To mark the bicentenary (February 3, 2009) of Mendelssohn's birth, Anne-Sophie Mutter has recorded a very special tribute combining symphonic music and chamber works. This unique homage to Mendelssohn includes a CD & DVD, both of which feature complete performances of the repertory. The DVD also includes "Encounters with Mendelssohn" -a mini-documentary about the composer and Mutter's performances of his works.

Mutter is joined by Kurt Masur and the Gewandhausorchester Leipzig (Mendelssohn's orchestra) for the concerto, and by André Previn and Lynn Harrell on the chamber works. This unique program pairs works that are rarely heard together. Performances of the Mendelssohn concerto will support this release. This deluxe, limited edition package will only be produced once--the release will revert to standard jewel packaging when supplies are gone.' (Amazon)

'The exemplary Anne-Sophie Mutter has inaugurated an era of superb, masterly and expressive violin playing!' (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Violin Concerto in E minor, op. 64

1. Allegro molto appassionato
2. Andante
3. Allegretto non troppo - Allegro molto vivace

Piano trio No. 1 in D minor, op. 49

4. Molto allegro e agitato
5. Andante con moto tranquillo
6. Scherzo: Leggiero e vivace
7. Finale: Allegro assai appassionato

Violin Sonata inF major (1838)

8. Allegro vivace
9. Adagio
 10. Assai vivace

FLAC - 316 MB

1 Full DVD9 | NTSC | All Regions | 16/9 | DTS Surround Sound | PCM Stereo | 7,21 GB
English | French | Spanish | German Subtitles | Timing: 84' + 18' documentary

DVD9 - 66x100 MB



  1. Saludos, querido amigo. Gracias por la visita..., y lo mismo digo. ¡Más madera, es la guerra!
    Un abrazo

  2. Hello. I'm realy interested in this post, but I couldn't read the file. Would it be possible to upload the audio disc in MP3 (320kbps) ?

    Thanks in advance !

  3. Hello tonyangelo, I am new in your blog. I downloaded this excellent album, glad it was in .flac instead .ape format, because I am not a Mac user, so it's unconfortable ot manage .ape files (no way to get a plug-in for Winamp; and I ignore how convert it in mp3). The unusual was that I found a full album in one-single track, not in the way wrapped albums are (all the single tracks are packed together, but it is possible to separate unwrapping them), but in a real "only-one-track" of 75 mintues or so... Is there a way to recreate the original form/structure of the album ?
    Thanks a lot

  4. u can use xld

  5. Thanks Tonyangelo, unfortunately I am not a Mac user... For conversion I tried the recommended XRecode (easy to use, but I guess that I had a loss of quality in converting .ape files to .flac files); concerning the separations of tracks, as per the sequence of the original source, I will check in the web some info abt cue files...

  6. Thank you.
    Unfortunately the cue file - for cd - is not working (the log shows many errors ... ) :(

  7. diletanti:

    I had no problem, so it IS possible to get this to work. But I edited the cue file, as I always do, to remove every line above the "File" line. Lots of cue files have extraneous lines above the "File" line--perhaps they usually don't cause a conflict for you, but it's possible that this time these extraneous lines ARE causing you problems. Open the cue file in a text editor and remove everything above the "File" line. The cue file should actually begin with the word FILE, so remove everything before that key word. Then try whatever process you usually use to extract the individual tracks from the FLAC.

    Good luck!


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